Archimedes Training Centre Exterior


Archimedes Training Centre was established in 2002. Since then we have grown from strength to strength and hundreds of students have benefited from our lessons.

We offer full GCSE and A-Level courses, as well as support lessons for English, Maths, Business Studies, ICT, Computer Science amongst other school subjects. We provide a friendly and supportive environment, in small classes (up to 4 students) or one-to-one tuition. Our students range from 5 years old to over 70. Students gain confidence and have the opportunity to boost their learning accomplishments.

Mission Statement

“To support learners of all ages to achieve their personal academic goals.”

Archimedes Owl
Archimedes Training Centre Computer Area

The Computer Room

The central hub of Archimedes has five workstations. This is where many students will be taught ICT and Coding, amongst other practical subjects. In addition, there are ten laptops for students to use.


We also have two classrooms for academic subjects, one of which is also the examination room.

Examination Room

Design: Dylan Risso